I did it.. I finally had my first solo exhibition call ‘Once upon a fairy tale’. It was stressful, exciting, terrifying and rewarding.  Part of my final year of a Bachelor of Applied Arts at Whitireia Polytech was that we had to hold a solo exhibition and have an opening night.

The following is what my art work is about…

I have always had a fascination with mythology, folklore and fairy tales.  My work looks at the latent content of fairy tales and their original telling.  Over time they have explored morals, warnings, women and gender roles and generally contain dark sexual undertones.  Fairy tales and mythology consists of interpretations and personifications of human nature that Psychiatrist Carl Jung described as Archetypes.  By delving into fairy tales deeper one has to question are they just innocent fairy tales or what nightmares are made of?  There seems to be a fine line, however, I believe both allow a glimpse into imagination and a fantastical world connected to the human psyche that is filled with symbolic meaning. 

By exploring the underlying themes from traditional fairy tales, the use of symbolism and how these tales create, nostalgia for adults and escapism for children. This has been central in the development of this body of work, while thought provoking as I reminisce back to my own nostalgia and childhood memories of fairy tales.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”      â€• Albert Einstein












Reflection on my stint in the blogging world…

It started out a little rough. Beginning with myself being utterly technically challenged in this area not to mention a few hiccups in getting my blog up and running. But with some technical assistance I finally made my mark on this social media. I have a blog!….Now what?

I was extremely apprehensive about this venture. However, it was easier to tackle it with being given set topics to talk about. As I have gone along each week with my blog I am beginning to get used to technically how to do a blog but I still feel a little apprehensive about the content. This is something I will have to tackle and hopefully the more practice i get the better and easier it will be.

This has been a bit of an eye opener for me as I have never used social media in this way. This has really showed me the importance of blogging in this day and age. We are in a technically driven world and one has to join in at some point. I have learnt that for the likes of myself who is an emerging artist this is a great tool to promote myself and my artwork, as well as promote others that I like or find inspiring. What started out as an assignment I had to do, has turned into something where I can put myself into the world how I want to be seen.

In looking at my statistics I have quite a few hits on the day and day after I post. I am unsure if this maybe me checking everything worked or if people are actually looking. Although I was surprised at how people have commented and liked posts I have written. I have enjoyed that interaction and see the possibilities. I will have to learn to assess the statistics a bit more.

Overall this has been a great learning curve for me and I will definitely be continuing this to post my up and coming exhibition and past artworks and get myself out into the world. Stay tuned everyone there is more to come…

Using a blog to promote oneself as an artist.

Blogging is a free and effective way to reach a wider market. It also allows a creative way for you to show your artwork and promote yourself as a self-employed artist. Here are a few points to consider that I have learned through looking and reading other artist blogs.

* Make sure you update it regularly, reply to people’s comments and put plenty of tags on you blog so you can be easily found

* Make comments on other art blogs, this will allow you to create a network and will lead more people to your blog.

* Using Social media is also an effective tool. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media you can use this to post your artwork, including a link to you blog and inviting them to comment/critique. Bringing more viewers to your blog.

* Fill out your ‘profile’ so followers/visitors know who you are, what type of art you create and what services you can offer.

* Keep your posts real, in your words. This allows you to build relationships. Making it personal allows people to see who you are and this is more appealing than just promotion and selling.

Overall blogging is the perfect tool for an artist to promote themselves and their artwork. It allows the opportunity to get your work out into the world to be seen, as well as connecting you with other like-minded and talented people.

This blogging assignment has definitely shown me it is a worthwhile tool to keep up. So hope you all look forward to seeing some of my work posted in the future as well as art and artists that inspires me.

Happy Blogging!!

Becoming a Self Employed Artist

My next assignment is to investigate ‘How to become a self-employed artist’. Sounds an attractive idea, but what is really involved??

I began with the obvious at www.ird.govt.nz

Although this is probably one of the first sites to visit, the site itself is not user-friendly and is difficult to get direct answers. But definitely worth checking out if you looking to set up a business. This site appears to me to be for the established businesses or someone who is already in the know of small business.

I found another website far more useful at www.business.govt.nz

This website also a government website but far more easy to navigate with clear options relevant to a new business. This site was particularly good at explaining the legalities and business structures for the novice. This is a definite site to look at more so than the IRD one. This site also tells you how to register as a business.

One place I was surprised to find great information was our very dreaded Work and Income.

This site, amazingly, was the most helpful about setting up a business. It breaks down a check list to ensure you have the right skill set and are they right for setting up a business. Has check lists for what it will cost and even how to write a business plan. They also offer other help like grants and starting up costs to apply for. Also advice for financial help and support, and even run courses on small business. I found this site more helpful than any so far for the business side of self employment. definitely worth checking out!!

I also found a site that had an article that I found really interesting at www.artcareer.net.

This article is definitely worth a read, it talks about being an artist in business and gives what I found to be valuable advice. It explains the value in doing a small business course for the legal side. But also discusses taking advantage of social media for marketing, such as Facebook or having a blog. It talks about have a standard contract on hand so you and your clients understand the responsibilities involved. And talks about time management, a huge point to consider if self-employed, one that I should maybe investigate further. But most importantly above everything else be organised and ambitious and of course be passionate about what you do.

Lastly one site I found by accident is called Linkedin, once established as a self-employed artist this site would be very useful to get your name out there! This is a New Zealand networking site that has many self-employed people from many different industries. But found many artists are using this site. It helps you stay informed about your contacts and industry. Helps find people of interest and knowledge to achieve your goals and allows you to control a professional identity online.

In summary there is a lot of information out there for starting up a business and much help if needed. The hardest thing is going to be the commitment needed for such a venture and the amount of work you are willing to put into it. So to all those fellow artists, musicians and photographers….

Good luck on your self-employed adventure!!

Artist Blogs

I have been looking for artist blogs for quite a few days now, and it is not as easy as I thought it would be. Many blogs feature multiple arts rather than the artists themselves having blogs. (I could possibly be doing this wrong too)

In saying this I did find one of my favourite artist has a blog. You should definitely check out the work of New Zealand artist Lorene Taurerewa. She is now based in New York, but her illustrations are amazing.

Lorene Taurerewa is and illustrator/painter who uses charcoal as well as water colours. She draws on Aesops fairy tales, Grimms fairy tales, Jungs psychoanalytical ideas and the subconcious. She draws on her own stories and narratives, they are part mythology, part fairy tale.

Lorene Taurerewa uses her blog to inform of not only her own art and exhibitions but also art and exhibitions that she wants to promote. Really interesting for a ‘what’s going on in the art world for her area. Unfortunately, I was hoping to see more of her thoughts/processes, more about her work and new and up and coming projects and would like to have seen more regular posts from her. In saying she is an incredibly talented artist and worth looking at.


Through this process though I have found some really interesting illustrators. One being Minjae Lee a young 20-year-old illustrator from korea. Really interesting use of portraiture and colour.

Minjae Lee does not have a blog that I could find but is featured in several different ones.